ANGUSRAZE Unveils new single ‘UNLAWFUL – Listen Now

ANGUSRAZE Unveils new single ‘UNLAWFUL - Listen Now

After retreating into the murkiest corners of information overload, Yorkshire-made, Kent-based artist Ryan Wilkinson was reborn as Angusraze somewhere in the infinite network of fibre optics that connects his bedroom to cyberspace. Part Lynchian, part industrial, completely intense, Angusraze treads the line between fantasy and violence, soundtracking a dystopian future where dimension-hopping guardians shift between realities to fight negative energies.

While fans of Death Grips, Nine Inch Nails and Throbbing Gristle will appreciate the overall sound, Angusraze is ultimately an original creation, the spawn of a new flesh-blood-and-wire generation who have defined their whole social milieu from the confines of their four walls.

Listen to ‘Unlawful’ – BELOW:

Unlawful, a breathless blur of a track syncopated by pounding synth bass and Ryan’s abrasive vocals is the first statement from a multimedia project consisting of several instalments and including the hotly anticipated second album Foxmask, out 8th May, and an as-of-yet untitled film. The track, Ryan says, “is based on the story of Enoch as stated in the Book Of The Watchers – a Hebrew text – in which the protagonist instigates the Great Flood as a punishment for going to Earth from Heaven and revealing to humans the ways of God. Similarly, the main character in the project is inebriated by negative energy and infatuated with the idea of destruction as his own punishment”. ‘Unlawful’ was written, recorded and mixed by Ryan Wilkinson.


February 27th – The Lighthouse, Deal

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