TRACK PREMIERE: Angusraze – Interface Overload II

TRACK PREMIERE: Angusraze - Interface Overload II

After initially carving out a small but dedicated following with his first album ROZEY CHEEKX, Kent-based artist Angusraze magnified the scope of his vision, spending three years plotting a multimedia project including the forthcoming album Foxmask and a companion film. With singles trickling out during the last six months or so and receiving press attention from the likes of PureGrain Audio, Medium and The Hype Magazine, anticipation for the album is both quelled and fuelled by the release of Interface Overload II, the latest instalment from Foxmask, out 31st July on Painted Halo Records.

Like the previous singles, Interface Overload II shares a sonic palette with the likes of Death Grips and Xiu Xiu and yet defies classification, displaying a visceral quality which makes it simultaneously enthralling and horrifying. While definitely not for the faint-hearted, Angusraze’s opus deals with themes that are common to most of us: defining a persona in the age of sharing, the fraying of our identities, and – of course – information overload.

A sequel to ROZEY CHEEKX’s track Interface Overload, Angusraze said of the new track: ‘In Foxmask, Interface Overload II acts as a response to the original song and an exaggerated extrapolation of the identity distortion concept pervading the narrative of the album. I wrote the song thinking about the accompanying film concept, in which ROZEY CHEEKX’s Soozie – as shown in the music video for Interface Overload – is filmed for a Dogme 95 style music video in a really intrusive and almost seedy environment. In real-time her body and face are morphed, showing the contradiction of her receiving the attention she craves, but also how the horrifying distortions of her base character, with the track lyrics addressing the dismantling of her identity. The abstract identity is personified in the vocals, which are modulated and warped to appear genderless and somewhat incoherent, this in turns allows me to manifest different characters through my music.’

Once current restrictions are lifted, Angusraze is planning on taking his vitriolic stage show on a tour of the UK and Europe, and no doubt these events will cement is reputation as an uncompromising Artist and incendiary performer.

Listen to ‘Interface Overload II’ – BELOW:


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