The constant hit maker that is Kurt Vile follows up his fantastic Wakin on a Pretty Daze with a collection of songs that sees him going back to basics somewhat. With less of the experimentalism of his previous LP, B’lieve I’m Goin Down is just another example of him displaying his wares and showing his ability as the true modern great that he is.

Singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist, Kurt wears many hats and is an immensely talented guy. From his early days writing songs on his banjo that his Father bought him, he has shown himself gifted above many of his peers time and time again. When listening to any material he comes up with, you can’t help but notice the ease and natural flow that defines him as one of the contemporary masters of his craft. This latest offering just goes on to prove it.
Straddling the border somewhere between indie folk and indie rock, Kurt Vile is not the kind of guy who is easy to box in, and neither should he be. Though for this record he’s keeping more to the folky side of things in a sense. He still drops a few curveballs in here and there, but in general, its more toned down, yet remaining a belter of an LP.

The record kicks off with Pretty Pimpin,his finger picking is excellent. It comes across as a realisation almost, of him becoming either numb, or unrecognisable to himself, “I woke up this morning, didn’t recognise the man in the mirror, then I laughed and I said, oh silly me, that’s just me” and so on. Kurt can allude to poignant topics but it’s almost always shrugged off with a laugh without plumbing any real depth. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine Kurt puts any great effort into his song writing. A hard worker he is – no doubt, but like Good Will Hunting, who scoffs at the mathematicians declaring that to him, “It’s a fucking joke”, making reference to their nigh on impossible equations, Kurt Vile’s music and playing style just oozes with natural ability that backs up his assertion that “ Makin music is easy, watch me”.

In a nutshell, the album is brilliant and with tracks as diverse as Dust Bunnies with a great heavy bassline, to the quiet melodic “That’s life though, Almost hate to say” this is an album that will give you hours of pleasure and never gets old no matter how many times you play it.

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