XS Noize Podcast: #8: Si Wolstencroft – original member of The Patrol, The Smiths and The Fall talks about his new book.


Si Wolstencroft is among the many near-mythical figures of the Manchester music scene. Si parted ways before The Patrol became the Stone Roses and he turned down The Smiths. Right place, right time, wrong choices? Timing is everything.

Spending an unlikely 11 years in The Fall and hooking up with old mate Ian Brown during his solo days, his memoir ‘You Can Drum But You Can’t Hide’ reflects on a life driven by a passion for playing. Mark Millar caught up with Si to talk about the book.

This weeks unsigned band are Manchester psych band Purple Heart Parade. Purple Heart Parade have been around for a while now and have a great following live and on social networks. Offering up some vibes nodding to the psychedelic era of the late 60s, while pushing the extremes with modern technology and ideas, they are a band on the up and up and their skills and talent put them well above most of their peers. We at xs noise like these guys a lot and we urge you to check them out if you haven’t already.

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Buy ‘You Can Drum But You Can’t Hide’  by Simon Wolstencroft HERE

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