XS Noize Podcast #6: A Conversation with TERRI HOOLEY - Godfather of Punk

A Conversation with Godfather of Punk TERRI HOOLEY 2
Credit: Bernie McAllister

Terri Hooley is a legend among the Belfast music community and beyond. During Northern Ireland’s troubled dark times Terri Hooley’s Good Vibrations record shops and label survived in countless locations around the city, selling and putting out amazing music.

Terri Hooley has recently been the subject of a book ‘Hooleygan: Music, Mayhem, Good Vibrations’ and the critically acclaimed movie of his life ‘Good Vibrations’. I recently met up with Terri in his East Belfast home for a chat and a coffee. I didn’t really interview Terri; I simply turned on my Dictaphone and listened.

Listen to XS Noize Music Podcast: Episode #6 with Terri Hooley BELOW:

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