Wilhelm are a filthy bunch of liars. No, really; it turns out that their first album, with its eclectic mix of punk, hardcore, folk and pop, wasn’t quite as authentic as it may have seemed. Helen and Guille (the brains, hands and voices of the band) are quite frank about it: “It wasn’t a true reflection of our live show. Or who we really are. We’re a lot more honest on our second album”. Which, by the way, is called ‘How High, Lily?’.

And it comes straight from the gut, without a care for what anyone thinks. “It’s genuine; it has genuine attitude and genuine feeling”, says Guille. And the sound is now gutsier than ever. There are echoes of the first album, and that countryside vibe is still there, but there’s also a certain arid heat which brings to mind Sergio Leone and Clint Eastwood (whose films are another of Guille’s many passions). “Overall, the first album had a woodland sound, but we’re in the desert now” says Guille. “It’s not just the sound, either. The cover, and our promo photos, they’re all drier, they’re warmer. That’s the general idea on this album”.

Check out the video for ‘Erin’s Song’ BELOW:

And the title? It comes from a saying much used by Helen’s Nan, which was originally directed at a tall-tale-telling neighbour who, as you may have guessed, was called Lily. “My Nanna would say it to anyone she thought was stretching the truth. And that is what this album is all about; getting to the truth of the matter. Anyone who wants to make music is going to have to face one or more disappointments. But having said that, this isn’t really an album about life’s downers, instead, it captures the moment just after the let-down, the point when you stop taking yourself, and everyone else, so seriously. It’s when you just stop caring and relax.” As the band themselves make clear, it’s a commitment to be true to themselves. And it comes through in every single one of the tracks on “How High, Lily?”.

Stream a preview of ‘HOW HIGH LILY?’ below:

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