WATCH: “Burning Flame” the latest video from THE FRANKLIN ELECTRIC

WATCH: "Burning Flame" the latest video from THE FRANKLIN ELECTRIC

The Franklin Electric’s latest video, ‘Burning Flame,’ covers raw, youthful infatuation and gut wrenching rejection, all within the setting of a small hometown diner. The male lead works in the dish pit of the café and stares through the order window, captivated by the waitress on the other side. Eventually the pair begin to form an intimate connection while sharing music in the alleyway during break.

Soulful harmonies, sparse drum beats, and emotive chord progressions make the video all the more heart-breaking. The morose atmosphere is amplified when the dish worker catches the waitress in the arms of another coworker. The subsequent melt-down is explosive and nearly violent as the protagonist throws ceramic plates against the floor and runs full speed parallel to the highway. ‘Burning Flame’ encapsulates unsuspected rejection and the pain of being led on to a dead end. The Franklin Electric’s newest music video is extremely well produced and thoughtfully written, leaving us wondering what they’ll produce next.

Watch “Burning Flame” BELOW:

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