San Francisco pop-rockers SUNSET LINES drop “The Miles” – Listen HERE

San Francisco pop-rockers SUNSET LINES drop "The Miles" - Listen HERE

(Brooklyn, NY) Following the demise of their previous group, San Francisco-based musicians Liz Brooks (lead vox, synth), Paul McCorkle (guitar, synth) and Greg Wieman (drums) decided to take things in a new direction. Rounding out the lineup with Brian Howell (bass), the more pop oriented, retro-synth tinged Sunset Lines was born. Now, Sunset Lines is gearing up to release their debut EP, Slippery Slope, out later this Summer.

As with any great first EP, Sunset Lines showcase their wealth of talents in songwriting structures while exploring their new sound. The wistful opener “Glass” plays like a brooding Blondie while “Troubleshooter” is a breezy piece set to connect with anyone who has experienced true longing. The back half closes with the true single, “The Miles,” and ballad “The New Year” lending Slippery Slopea sense of fullness despite its run time.

Listen to “The Miles” BELOW:

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