VIDEO PREMIERE: VIX20 – ‘Hashtag Change’ – Watch Now

VIDEO PREMIERE: VIX20 - 'Hashtag Change' - Watch Now

Vix20 are Gary Mills and CJ, two music industry veterans who grew so disillusioned with the state of every element of the music industry that they threw their guitars out of the window and sulked for a few years. Now rejuvenated, though no less prickly about the Modern Age, they return, to quote the band themselves, “we’re hard rockers turned to the dark side of pop”.

As evidenced on their previous single, Digital Age, their passion for power-pop (don’t say ‘punk-pop’ to them, it suggests too much jumping around) and dexterity with words combines to become insanely catchy 3-minute thunderbolts. Forthcoming double A-side Hashtag Change/Me Gwanishi pushes the envelope even further with the glorious cut-up tones of Donald Trump delivering a love letter to his beloved Melania. Lawyers be damned!

Check out ‘Hashtag Change’ – BELOW:

Usually, a band would flash their pedigree and tell you about all the incredible things members of Vix20 achieved during their years in music. They might regale you with stories of rock ‘n’ roll decadence, tours and air miles…from Rick Wakeman on a beach to L.A. Reid in NYC, not to mention becoming Dutch Rock Heroes…but you don’t need that sales pitch and you probably wouldn’t believe them anyway.

25 years after forming their first band at school and a decade spent apart sheltering from industry BS, CJ and Mills accidentally started making music again…strictly for fun…right? Sure…right up until Mills went and arranged the commercial release of Digital Age. This has made CJ very angry. Mills thinks it will be fine. Hashtag Change is a fabulous, some may say litigious, three-and-a-half minutes of bile and vitriol about the Commander-in-Chief and his acolytes but also a nod and a wink that some of the actions his opponents’ employ are equally odious.









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