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Phoenix, Arizona-based synthpunk/grindcore pop/nerd rap duo Snailmate – aka Kalen Lander and Bentley Monet – introduces their music video, “Trash, Baby,” a song about their complicated relationship with creating art and overcoming the voice in their heads that tells them their music isn’t good enough.

The duo shares, “Creating art is vulnerable, and we all struggle with the urge to just throw it in the trash, (baby).”

The two are part of the LGBTQ+ community, with drummer/vocalist Bentley being trans and vocalist/synth player Kalen identifying as queer. Known for their wild live shows, Snailmate has performed over a thousand shows and considers their live shows as safe spaces for all genders and people of all sexualities.

“Trash, Baby” opens on potent synthpunk tones with hints of rap-rock topped by rapping vocals that avoid the orthodox rhythm and rhyme flow, substituting a potent ebbing, rising, spitting flow with sporadic falsetto timbres.

“I make it / I give it hugs and kisses / And then I throw it in the trash, baby / I’m out of my mind sometimes / What was I talking about?”

The video depicts two heads impaled on spikes in the front yard of a suburban house. The head on the right, Bentley’s, begins “warning passers-by of the dangers of trying too hard. As the music video illustrates, it’s very easy to go from enamoured with something to hating it. Hopefully, we can all overcome the negative thoughts and self-sabotaging to become better artists.”

Surging with punk rock energy amalgamated with an innovative rapping flow, “Trash, Baby” reveals the angst of creativity.

Watch “Trash, Baby” – BELOW:

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