VIDEO PREMIERE: Marquee Mayfield – Disco Queen

VIDEO PREMIERE: Marquee Mayfield – Disco Queen

Nashville-based funk-pop artist Marquee Mayfield unveils the music video for “Disco Queen.” According to Marquee, he is the creation of a factory in Nashville, Tennessee, where they churn out clones pre-programmed with country-pop cognizance designed to capture popular acclaim along with awards.

Marquee’s programming was corrupted by Chloe, a scientist, who each evening altered his software by exposing him to disco, funk, and R&B, resulting in a clone with a mind of his own.

Marquee explains, “As a clone when I look through the eyes of culture, I try to understand why humans behave the way they do. I’m out there to interact with humans. Clones aren’t total machines—we have feelings.”

Influenced by artist like Curtis Mayfield, Hall & Oates, Prince, Jamiroquai, and other funk musicians, Marquee’s sound conjures up similarities to Chromeo, Mayer Hawthorne, and Breakbot.
Opening on a funked-out disco rhythm reminiscent of Michael Jackson crossed with the Bee Gees, “Disco Queen” offers bright horns and sugary hooks topped by Marquee’s velvety, pristine falsetto rife with upbeat and breezy timbres.

Dressed in a sequined jacket, along with cool shades, Marquee and his shimmering band offer a dazzling display of Prince-like energy.

Marquee Mayfield sums up “Disco Queen,” saying, “The clone is a very excited stage performer, even though his dancing skills are subpar.”

Watch ‘Disco Queen’ – BELOW:

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