TRACK PREMIERE: Dutch Falconi – Tonight Only

TRACK PREMIERE: Dutch Falconi – Tonight Only
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Composer Dutch Falconi introduces his brand-new single, “Tonight Only,” a track lifted from his forthcoming sophomore album, Curious Fabrications, slated to drop July 23 via Aurore Records. Like a sonic film noir, Curious Fabrications leads listeners through the dark labyrinthine landscape of a city, looking for clues, confronting danger, and running into erotic femme fatales.

Explaining the album, Falconi shares, “I hope the pieces themselves lead to narratives conjured up in the mind of the listener. I prefer an unfixed perspective with music where the listener participates by bringing their own imagination to the pieces, contributing to their perception of the album. They’re part of the ensemble that way.”

During the swing revival of the 1990s, Dutch Falcon led the 27-piece swing orchestra – The Dutch Falconi Orchestra, releasing three records and sharing the stage with Cherry Poppin’ Daddies and the Royal Crown Revue followed by pursuing other ventures outside of music. Then, as if from nowhere, he reemerged, releasing singles and his solo debut album, Bloom & Brimstone.

Talking about the provenance of the title “Tonight Only,” Dutch Falconi recalls, “I remember playing a show in San Francisco and the marquee saying: ‘Tonight Only - The Dutch Falconi Orchestra.’ What a great hook, tonight only! It quickens the pulse and manufactures desire. It whispers in your ear that the invitation, however potentially libidinous, expires in the morning. Whether musical or amorous, a one-night stand could be spectacular or dismal, and anything billed ‘Tonight Only’ begs the question ‘what have you got to lose?’”

Opening on a jazz-flavoured piano, “Tonight Only” adds textures of brass, imbuing the tune with shadowy colours, dark and tense. Chock-full of stealthy tones, “Tonight Only” conveys the hush-hush sensibility of Orson Wells’ Touch of Evil, in which murder, kidnapping, and prevalent corruption fill the screen with dark resolves.

Wonderfully arranged, “Tonight Only” offers a spine-tingling soundscape at once wickedly alluring and sinister.

Listen to “Tonight Only” - BELOW:

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