VIDEO PREMIERE: King of Foxes – Swimming in the Undertow

VIDEO PREMIERE: King of Foxes - Swimming in the Undertow

Canadian-based, indie-rock outfit, King of Foxes return with their new vibrant pop-rock single ‘Swimming in the Undertow’ released on Crystal Baby Music. The musical endeavour of Edmonton-based singer-songwriter and guitarist Olivia Street, King of Foxes consistently delivers exciting guitar-driven music led by Olivia’s witty and poetical lyricism.

‘Swimming in the Undertow’ is a collaborative release with producer and multiple Juno nominee Stew Kirkwood. Teaming up once again, the pair have crafted a lively and infectious upbeat pop-rock record driven by Olivia’s strong and radiant vocal delivery over a backdrop of fuzzy syncopated guitar melodies and crisp drum grooves.

King of Foxes has released two critically acclaimed albums, with her third full-length album ‘Twilight of the Empire’ set for release in September 2022. King of Foxes is many things, but accidental is not one of them. Olivia Street’s words have purpose and understanding. Their 2019 sophomore studio album, Salt & Honey, was a favourite at CKUA radio, earning a spot as #42 on the station’s Top 100 Albums of 2019, one of only two independent artists to make that height on the list.

Speaking on the latest single ‘Swimming in the Undertow’, Olivia describes that

“This song is about being swept along by forces outside of your control. There’s no sense fighting the current, but maybe can you live on your own terms even while you’re being dragged under. I wrote it while swiveling around in an office chair and wondering why our time on this planet––the most precious thing we have––is a currency we trade in order to make ends meet. It’s crazy, but we all do it.”

When asked about the forthcoming album, Olivia explained that “The album title (Twilight of the Empire, coming out in September) shows up in the lyrics of this song. I think we are on the cusp of witnessing some major changes in this lifetime––let’s hope that, collectively, we can make them good ones.”

Watch the video for ‘Swimming in the Undertow’ – BELOW:

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