VIDEO PREMIERE: J Temp 13 – Kenopsia

J Temp 13

Indie-rock artist J Temp 13, aka John Templeman, unveils the music video for “Kenopsia,” a single/music video elucidating the meaning of the title – the eerie feeling of empty spaces that were once crowded and its accompanying feeling of longing and loss.

Inspired by the feeling of alienation and hollowness brought on by the pandemic, “Kenopsia” is J Temp 13’s declaration of his determination to get back on stage where he belongs and deliver rock music to audiences.

Templeman began performing when he was six years old and was writing songs by age 10. Later, he played in a series of bands, followed by releasing his solo effort in 2004. Nine more albums followed one under the name of The Penfield Experience.

The video, directed by Tarana Parekh, takes viewers on a journey through vacant factories, unoccupied structures, and music venues devoid of bands and fans.

“Kenopsia” opens on growling guitars riding a potent rhythm of crunching drums and a fat bassline. Onesko’s contemptuous guitar licks give the tune scowling, incandescent accents, while J Temp’s rasping, snarling voice imbues the lyrics with edgy textures as he narrates his turbulent emotional state, the aftermath of seeing forsaken buildings and barren streets.

“Something fishy is upon us / I don’t see a single face / At one time this was a crowded room / Now there’s no one in the place / They say it’s the infection / That made them go away.”

Saturated with heavy rock energy, “Kenopsia” pushes out muscular flavours of high-octane sound reminiscent of Deep Purple.

In 2022, J Temp 13 will release America or Bust, a 13-track full-length album.

Musicians on “Kenopsia” include J.T. (vocals, guitar, drums), Al Collins (bass), Mike Onesko (lead guitar), and Michael Webb (B3 organ).

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