VIDEO PREMIERE: Greg Hoy – Cacophony

VIDEO PREMIERE: Greg Hoy – Cacophony 2

California-based power pop singer-songwriter Greg Hoy unveils the music video for “Cacophony,” a song about falling into the quicksand of the modern world – the inescapable goo of social media and it’s inundating, non-stop tsunami of news reports, data, and details.

“Cacophony” is the title track from his latest EP. A six-track collection of songs about a regular person who realizes that, like a present-day version of Prometheus, he’s shackled to the rock of mass media, which rather than devouring his liver is plundering his self-identity.

Opening on crunching rhythm rolling into a stripped-down garage-rock melody, “Cacophony” travels on dirty, chugging guitars topped by Hoy’s Weezer-like observations of what’s going on. Sugary backing harmonies imbue the tune with retro-radiance of creamy doo-wop.

The video, directed by Hoy, initially channels John Cusack in Say Anything, with Hoy – sporting a grand bouffant hairdo – standing outside a young woman’s house, holding up an iPad reading “cacophony.” As the visuals proceed, the images become more and more surreal as Hoy struggles to disengage from his inability to process the glut of intoxication and regain his sanity.

“Woke up this morning a cup of coffee / Look at the TV another cacophony / Up from slumbers spewing the numbers / They on the attack they got the fact, Jack.”

At once stylish and eloquently articulate, “Cacophony” delivers a deliciously humorous audio-visual verdict on infobesity.

Watch ‘Cacophony’ – BELOW:

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