VIDEO PREMIERE: Global Network - Want You

VIDEO PREMIERE: Global Network - Want You

Parisian electronic pop duo Loris Sasso and Nils Peschanski aka Global Network have just released new EP Cool Moments. Carefully processed drum samples and playful disco-inspired basslines meet RnB pop vocals in a set of tracks fit for a club, car stereo or for blasting out of a Bluetooth speaker in your kitchen.

While currently cooped up in their home studios, they’ve been unable to resist putting their creative juices into full gear with the production of a new video game-inspired video for ‘Want You’.

Loris tells us “we weren’t able to shoot any music videos, but thankfully we met the director Angelo Yoto a few months ago. Angelo is a digital artist, he creates truly amazing virtual worlds and characters. We asked him if he’d like to create a virtual world for our song Want U, and we gave him full 'carte blanche'. He imagined this girl walking in the streets of a futuristic city and going to another dimension's party.”

Equal parts futurism and nostalgia, the surrealist visuals provide a well-needed dose of escapism.

Watch the video for 'Want You' - BELOW:

The Cool Moments EP is available on all platforms now.

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