VIDEO PREMIERE: Embarcadero - Chasing You Around

Newly launched Irish band EMBARCADERO release debut single 'Chasing You Around' - Listen Now!

Chasing You Around is the debut single from newly launched Irish band Embarcadero. The band was started in late 2019 with hopes of writing, recording and gigging in 2020 but Covid-19 ended those plans. Instead, the band regrouped and began recording at home. With the support of Help Musicians, they were able to enlist the help of musicians and producers from across the UK and Ireland and have worked remotely to produce several tracks to be released through 2021.

Chasing You Around is the first of those tracks and features guest drummer Michael Mormecha (Mojo Fury, Amy Montgomery), bassist Calvin Wells and producer/instrumentalist Sarah Branigan (Jaxson).

On the launch of the project, Embarcadero says, “Embarcadero is a clean break and a new adventure for us. With support from Help Musicians, we were able to realise ideas and plans we’d been formulating for months previously. Working with Michael, Calvin and Sarah on this track was brilliant - even if doing everything remotely was a sharp learning curve! It can be a challenge working with someone yet never being in the same room as them, but it builds a different kind of trust and understanding between everyone.”

Watch 'Chasing You Around' - BELOW:


Instagram: @embarcadero_band

Chasing You Around is available on all streaming platforms now, followed by a video released on 17 Feb

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