A Bit At

"A bit at" is an Italian musical project, born from the idea of ​​Andrea Maffei, musician and DJ, in collaboration with the voice of Fabiola Civicchioni. The duo offers electronic music (synthesizer, vocals, guitar, piano) with introspective and profound settings. ‘You & Me’ is the second extract from the album “Gaia, " released in 2021 on digital platforms and later on vinyl.

"You & Me" is a 5 tracks EP that includes 4 original remixes, all made in Italy by Beautiful Sinners (house music project lead by Manfredi Barbarossa), Vincenzo Viceversa & Steam Orkestra (Steam Orkestra is Alessandro Deledda) and Djale.

Andrea Maffei is an Italian DJ. He was a Resident DJ in the 90s in the historic Red Zone club in Perugia. His passion for music was born in adolescence after studying piano; he later fell in love with the world of DJs loop and groove-based electronic music.

Fabiola Civicchioni is an Italian singer from Umbria with an incredible vocal range.

She started singing when she was 18, and after a few years with a covers band, she began musical collaborations with various producers until forming A Bit At with Andrea.

Watch the video for 'You & Me' - BELOW:


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