Tracks To Add To Your Playlist For The Perfect Night In

Tracks To Add To Your Playlist For The Perfect Night In

There are lots of elements which make up the ideal night in, and music is definitely one of the more important things to consider. Whether you are planning a romantic evening with your partner or a platonic get together with friends, these tracks could help to spice up your playlist and enhance the ambience significantly.

100 Gecs – Money Machine

If you want a track that is guaranteed to stop whatever conversation you are having and get people talking, then Money Machine from outlandish, experimental duo 100 Gecs is definitely worth considering.

It is likely to provoke as much ire as it is enjoyment, with bizarre pitch-shifted and auto-tuned vocals, super-intense bass and trilling hi-hat beat, and a catchy synth hook to back it all up. It is probably best choosing if your night involves playing multiplayer games with like-minded people or spinning the reels on sites like If this is your vibe, the critically well-received debut album from 100 Gecs also deserves a listen in full.

Arxx – Iron Lung

Another two-hander, Arxx are blessed with a back-to-basics punk sound that is driven by a single guitar and drums setup. It could threaten to spill into the well-trodden territory of the White Stripes, but thankfully this British group are unique enough to stand out from their influences and win over new fans with lyrics that drip with deadpan humour as well as honesty.

Iron Lung is a song that includes all of these aspects in equal measure, bursting with youthful energy that will surely keep up the tempo of a night in at the point where it might start flagging.

Charly Bliss – Capacity

While their album Guppy was a 90s-tinged blend of indie rock and pure pop, US four-piece Charly Bliss have matured with their follow-up Young Enough, and single Capacity is an excellent example of just how much complexity they can cram into what might seem like a fairly straightforward track.

The unusual vocal stylings of frontwoman Eva Hendricks help to elevate this above your average pop-rock of the 21st century, and it is a song that acts as a great calling card for the band as a whole. If you are already a fan and you want to get others interested in Charly Bliss, pop this on during your next night in and create some more converts.

Black Country, New Road – Sunglasses

If you are looking for a more chilled out track to include as part of a relaxing night in, this nine minute long treatise on modern living delivered over the top of complex yet accessible drums, guitars, sax and violin from this multi talented bunch.

The idea of setting what is effectively a spoken word poetry recital to music is not a new one, but it is hard to argue with the intelligence, both literary and emotional, on display here. And the way the whole song builds and changes over the course of its protracted run time is another impressive aspect.

Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard – Double Denim Hop

There is something relentlessly cheerful about the jangly guitars and old school sensibilities of Double Denim Hop, a track from a band that is clearly designed to put a smile on the face of anyone who listens to it.

Sure, it is pretty easy to trace the roots of this song back to the likes of the Rolling Stones and other stalwarts of the 1960s, but there is also a lot of pleasure to be had in seeing that music like this is still being made by new generations.


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