TRACK PREMIERE: Thee More Shallows – Drinking Tang

TRACK PREMIERE: Thee More Shallows - Drinking Tang

Today we are premiering the second single to come from the return album from the US outfit Thee More Shallows. Listen to ‘Drinking Tang’ exclusively here with XS Noize, before its release tomorrow, 9th April.

Thee More Shallows released three albums and a few EPs back in the early ’00s, garnering critical acclaim and a cult following before the band disbanded. Each of the members moved into new phases of their lives. Now, frontman Dee Kesler has emerged from the wilderness working under the Thee More Shallows moniker again with the help of some previous band members and some new musicians. New album ‘Dad Jams’ is the first Thee More Shallows offering in fourteen years and comes out this May 28th on Monotreme Records.

‘Dad Jams’ is a retrospective look at life’s trajectory and the personal and creative choices that shape its convoluted path. Musically, it retains the adventurous, experimental edge of previous Thee More Shallows albums, but is also rooted in a stronger pop sensibility, with plenty of bouncy, hooky melodies that burrow into the mind for days. It may just be the coolest album anyone’s written about fatherhood!

‘Drinking Tang’ is a refreshing slice of bright indie-pop that recalls Foster The People, The Shins and Grandaddy but dials the attention to detail in production and eccentricities to another level. The catchy warped acoustic melodies of the single expand into bubbly synths and ice-cream sweet reflective heart-tugging goodness. It is a playful melting pot of genres and emotions that reflect back on Dee’s religious upbringing.

On the track’s subject matter, Dee said “I’m no longer a Christian. I was as a kid until I tried to make sense of the doctrine and could not. But I always liked the historical Jesus. So, it’s funny to realize that in my overworked, risk-managing, potbellied state of middle-age, if Historical Jesus was around, I’d probably find him annoying. So, Jesus, we’re all doing it wrong, and you figured out a better way? Illuminate us! But mark my words, if you get to 40 you’ll probably not be vegan anymore either, and you certainly won’t remember to bring your own plastic bags to Costco (yes, you’ll be shopping at Costco). Also, I regret to share that in spite of your earlier big talk, you’ll be spending more time marshalling your dwindling energy to shore up your own resources versus throwing loaves at people. Sorry not sorry. But I do love your sandals and am glad to see Jesus hair making a comeback for the 3rd time. You look like Jared Leto.”

Listen to ‘Drinking Tang’ – BELOW:


‘Dad Jams’ will be available on CD and digital formats from 28th May 2021, as well as a limited edition vinyl LP (200 copies on 180 g white vinyl), which can be ordered from Monotreme Records HERE.

Find Thee More Shallows on twitter here:

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