TRACK PREMIERE: tAngerinecAt – Something Broke Inside

TRACK PREMIERE: tAngerinecAt – Something Broke Inside 3
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UK-based electronic/post-punk/art-pop/ experimental duo tAngerinecAt introduces their spellbinding single, “Something Broke Inside.” Following on the heels of their last album, Many Kettles, featuring the darkly bewitching “Roses from Blood,” tAngerinecAt marks 2021 with music at once marvellously extraordinary and memorable.

“Something Broke Inside” narrates emerging from a dreadful dream, spewing clotted blood flecked with shards of broken glass – the wretched relic of tainted intimate relationships, anguish, and isolation.

Made up of non-binary Eugene Purpurovsky and non-binary Paul Chilton, who merged their artistry in 2003, since then tAngerinecAt has toured throughout the Ukraine, the UK, and Russia,

The two artists first got together in 2003, followed by touring the Ukraine, the UK, and Russia. In 2014, they took the name tAngerinecAt, captivating audiences with their electrifying, powerfully cathartic sound, a unique blend of hurdy-gurdy, whistles, Duda, harmonica, and spectral synths.

tAngerinecAt has performed at Knockengorroch Festival, Eden Festival, Equinox Festival, Willowman Festival, Leigh Folk Festival, Festival8, Festival x-24, Fire In the Mountain, Llangollen Fringe Festival, Blue Lagoon Festival, Tanner Fest, Radnor Fringe Festival, Alice’s Wicked Tea Party, Wrex Fest, Hidden Hill Festival, JudeAnt Festival, Krayina Mriy, and Trypilske Kolo, and many others.

Eugene’s poignant lyrics wrestle with topics of trauma, abuse, poverty, gender bias, degradation and humiliation, and persecution, conjuring up the ominous aspects of civilization.

“Something Broke Inside” opens on a thrumming, muscular rhythm topped by Eugene’s strident, ghostly voice, imbuing the lyrics with taut, foreboding textures. The eerie pulsation of the stark, haunting hurdy-gurdy infuses the tune with timbres of raw, sepulchral gravity as if being drawn into a black hole where emotions roil and seek escape.

“Awoken in fear / By my silent scream / I dreamt of spitting shards with blood / Did something break inside? / What was that? / Something inside / Made of glass / Something fragile / The body didn’t hurt / But inside all torn / And screaming: ‘What was that?’”

At once relevant and harrowing, “Something Broke Inside” excites pangs frail and vulnerable.

Listen to “Something Broke Inside” – BELOW:

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