TRACK PREMIERE: Ryan The Son - Found

TRACK PREMIERE: Ryan The Son - Found

Texas-based singer-songwriter Ryan The Son bursts back onto the scene with his powerful debut album ‘Timeless Present’, June 25th. Pulling influence from the likes of Jon Bellion, Han Zimmer, Phil Collins and Kid Cudi, his eclectic love for music is reflected in his latest project ‘Timeless Present’. At his core, Ryan is a storytelling songwriter that processes the world around and within through music, rhythmic poetry, and other forms of writing.

The Ex-disaster relief worker and basketball jock, (also known as Ryan Thomas), kickstarted his musical career as Ryan the Son back in 2019, with the release of his debut single ‘Overcome’. Since then, Ryan the Son has seen support from KWL Blog, awarded the winner of Texas’ Battle of the Bands and headlined shows across the globe on stages such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Having seen international success, Ryan the Son makes his mark on the industry with ‘Timeless Present’. Speaking more on the release, Ryan explains: Timeless Present is a sonic journey into becoming present with one's self and absent of the pressures of time. The production and song-writing will be both down to earth, yet otherworldly. Simple, yet majestic. Human, yet ethereal. Sorrowful, yet triumphant.

Featuring on the album is the lead track ‘Found’ which XS Noize is pleased to exclusively premiere today.  ‘Found’ is an exquisitely addictive single that expertly combines his bold lyricism, stunning vocals with an immaculately catchy sound.

Listen to ‘Found’ - BELOW:

With crystal-clear production that incorporates elements of pop and R&B and a voice capable of subtle intriguing moments of raw power, Ryan the Son is a fascinating prospect, a songwriter with limitless potential. With ‘Timeless Present’ set to drop on June 25th, we’re expecting big things from Ryan the Son.

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