TRACK PREMIERE: Paul Lynch - 'Friends First, Lovers Second'

TRACK PREMIERE: Paul Lynch - 'Friends First, Lovers Second'

Following radio buzz and media support for his previous singles earlier this year, genre-mashing London singer-songwriter Paul Lynch is back today with another new track - the dramatic and sweeping Friends First, Lovers Second. The new song showcases his sweeping baroque-pop songwriting alongside dramatic indie-rock guitars and is available on all streaming platforms now.

“This song tells the very personal story of two very close friends who often cross the boundary between friends and lovers,” explains Lynch on the new single. “The song’s three verses each tell a different part of the story. Verse 1 and 3 tell how they were infatuated with each other when the other was not. Verse 2 recalls the times between when close friends. Although a sad tale, the song is one of hope that by prioritising their friendship over a relationship, that their friendship will last. So they remain Friends First, Lovers Second.”

Paul Lynch draws on a rich variety of influences to craft timeless music that although nominally classifiable as indie-pop, incorporates elements of world music, indie-folk, classic pop and psychedelic rock and is as unpredictable and inventive as it is impressively catchy. With his versatile, delicate voice delivering his witty and honest lyrics, his varied songwriting comes to life on both record and stage, where he is a dramatic performer.

Returning home rejuvenated from travels around Mexico and France last year and inspired by the music heard on his journey, Lynch has released a string of new singles throughout 2019.

Listen to 'Friends First, Lovers Second' - BELOW:

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