SEATBELTS drop video to 'BLACK SPRING' produced by EDWYN COLLINS

SEATBELTS drop video to 'BLACK SPRING' produced by EDWYN COLLINS

Written earlier this year, and recorded in the Scottish Highlands and produced by the king of indie - Edwyn Collins - 'Black Spring' is the band's first single to be released since 'Spanish Songs' from their latest EP 'Please Slow Down'. This track is also the first of many to be released from a larger collection, cut during a summer session in Edwyn's studio.

Lyrically inspired by the writings of Henry Miller, the track explores the author's feeling of 'great change', and the notion of a black spring forming. A dream or a nightmare? When your friends become Uber drivers, Deliveroo drop-ships, and investment bankers, your family see more of you on Instagram, and Brexit promises a 'progress' we have yet to clearly define. What are our societal duties, and are they for the better?

“The great change. In youth we were whole and the terror and pain of the world penetrated us through and through. There was no sharp separation between joy and sorrow: they fused into one, as our waking life fuses with dream and sleep. We rose one being in the morning and at night we went down into an ocean, drowned out completely, clutching the stars and the fever of the day.” - Black Spring, H. Miller, 1936.

Watch the video for 'Black Spring' - BELOW:

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