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There’s an honesty and truth to LEONE’s (AKA Richie Bee Leone) music, particularly on his upcoming EP GTFOH, that some might consider lacking among many artists, with that truth coming from life experience – both the brilliant and the heart-breaking; Richie lost his father to cancer several years ago.

The new EP, led by his first single, “Kiss’ Em Bye Bye”, showcases how much he’s grown since his first was released just under a year ago and is a varied collection of songs addressing loss, lust, anger and sexuality, all of which are key issues in and for society as a whole, but considerably more so now than ever given the recent hardships caused by the pandemic.

 “Kiss’ Em Bye Bye” kicks off GTFOH by letting the audience know that we are stepping into our own power with this new EP,” Richie explains. “With the last EP – thisbodyisntmine – we allowed ourselves to really go there and feel all that pain, while with this one, we’re standing up and being strong on our own. This track is the final goodbye to a past relationship and the start of a new beginning.”

 He adds: “Kiss’ Em Bye Bye” is one of a few songs on the EP that shows more of a snarky side to LEONE. This was the first time that I really let myself express anger through my music. When I was writing this song, I questioned if it was too harsh and pointed, but ultimately, I realized that it’s important for me to be able to express all forms of grief, especially through my music.

Listen to ‘Kiss’ Em Bye Bye’ – BELOW:

LEONE · Kiss’ Em Bye Bye


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