TRACK PREMIERE: GodNo! Release debut single ‘Unholy Water’ – Listen Now

TRACK PREMIERE: GodNo! Release debut single 'Unholy Water' - Listen Now

Introducing GodNo! – featuring members of Cable, Grawl!x, Merrick’s Tusk and Pet Crow Fusing dissonance, melody and odd time signatures GodNo! are announcing themselves onto the scene with the release of their first single ‘Unholy Water’. Sitting somewhere between noise and math rock this one’s FFO Cable, Sonic Youth, Talking Heads, Huggy Bear, and Slint.

Featuring members of Cable, Grawl!x, Merrick’s Tusk, and Pet Crow the band was brought together by Pete Darrington (guitar/vocals). Best known for his melodic yet dirty basslines with angular noise rock band Cable, he was inspired by the bands on the roster at the label he co-founded Reckless Yes.

Although he set the band in motion they take a collaborative approach to songwriting and performing duties, to become something so much more than the sum of its parts and bringing together the styles and experiences of all four members.

Pete Darrington said, “GodNo! was born out of the idea that I wanted to get back to my Cable roots musically; exploring odd time signatures and alternative tunings but still managing to craft a pop song out of it.

“‘Unholy Water’ is basically a song about how alcohol transforms people, how it’s really the most dangerous psychoactive drug there is and it’s legal. The inhibitors in your brain are switched off and you become an entirely different character. People say stuff and behave in a way they wouldn’t normally and you think ‘is this who you really are?’ So if I sound like a dick, it’s because I’m playing that character.”

Listen to ‘Unholy Water’ – BELOW:

The band consists of:

Pete Darrington – guitar/vocals (also of Cable, The Hudson Super Six, SeiSui)
Shelley Jane – bass/vocals (also of Mighty Kids, Grawl!x, Sex Jokes)
James Stewart – guitar/vocals (also of Merrick’s Tusk, Lonely Robot, Little Courage)
Dan Barradell – drums (also of Pet Crow, Prizefighter).

‘Unholy Water’ is set for a digital release on 21 February and is the first of a run of singles from the band. The track is available now to Reckless Yes and Last Night From Glasgow members – subscriptions are open until the end of February and more information is available here.

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