Dreampop band GRAWL!X share video for 'In' following release of fourth album Peeps

Dreampop band GRAWL!X share video for 'In' following release of fourth album Peeps
Credit: Laura Mitchell

‘Peeps’, the fourth album from Derby-based multi-instrumentalist Grawl!x evolves their dream-pop sound with a greater dose of electronics in the mix, as thematically they move from the melancholy solitude of grief (explored as a trilogy on the first three albums) toward the connectivity of friendship.

Following on from 2014’s ‘Good Grief’, 2016’s ‘Aye!’, and 2018’s critically-acclaimed ‘Appendix’, ‘Peeps’ is a beautiful and emotionally resonant set of songs, stunningly arranged and for maximum impact without losing an ounce of the vulnerability and intimacy Machin shares.

Machin said, “Having a friend is if nothing else: connection. Connection to something outside of yourself. Connection to an objective perspective. We’re social animals in the face of some pretty imposing spectres. You’re there to help each other; to live and laugh; even if it’s not forever.

“Most of the songs take the perspective of two little people holding each other’s hand against a daunting, existential backdrop. It was rather challenging as it turns out to write more upbeat things without being cheesy. Fingers crossed we’ve succeeded. This shift also instigated a move toward more electronic sounds as oddly enough those are noises I associate with joy and connectivity; perhaps greater so than acoustic instrumentation, which personally is more evocative of introversion & melancholy.”

Check out the video for 'In' - BELOW:

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