TRACK PREMIERE: DAAY – Land of the Living


DAAY plans to release 4 singles in 2024. This is the second single of the year titled ‘Land Of The Living’ and the first song to be officially released through Yada Recordings, DAAY’s own independent record label.

The song is a story describing the dimension in which we live – what Tolkien described as ‘middle earth’ or as the Druids and ancient cultures described as the middle world. In using colours red, orange, yellow, blue and green it is expressing the apparent ability to transcend this world through the re-assessment of daily rituals. The frustration of this journey is expressed in the main chorus line, where the desire to ‘live a little’ in this world is contradictory to the true meaning of living. ‘Live a little’ in this world seems to be an invitation for intoxication and self-harm, the true antithesis of living.

Listen to ‘Land Of The Living’ – BELOW:

DAAY currently perform and record as a 6 piece, blending synths and saxophone amongst a traditional rock band setup. Formed in London in 2019 DAAY aim to produce mesmeric alternative and experimental pop music that encourages genre defiance and embraces artwork design and theatre through a live performance spectacle. Recently described as ‘acid disco’ by a fan, DAAY aims to continue to try and find new ways to create and perform.


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