TRACK PREMIERE: CLUB MANGO today shares his debut track ‘One You Need’ (feat. Vadi) - Listen Now!

TRACK PREMIERE: CLUB MANGO today shares his debut track ‘One You Need’ (feat. Vadi) - Listen Now!

The Spanish musician and producer Club Mango today shares his debut track ‘One You Need’. It’s an international affair that features the Dominican / Venezuelan rapper Vadi alongside British / Nigerian singer-songwriter JAEL. 

Opening with Spanish guitar, ‘One You Need’ quickly blossoms into a radiant cocktail of summer sun melodies, infectious island vibes and Latin American percussion. JAEL’s topline only swells that uplifting atmosphere, her voice brimming with sweet soul, while Vadi’s reggaeton rap further fuels the fiery atmosphere.

"This song really came out of nowhere,” says Club Mango. “We were jamming in the living room on the guitar after a few tequilas and then it kind of just grew from there. The track was done but we felt that getting some more Latin flavour in there could take it to the next level. So we hit up Vadi to see if he could feature on it and luckily he was up for it.”

Vadi added, "Working on this song has been a great experience. I’ve always wanted to collaborate with an English speaking artist. I connected so well with the vibe of the song that I found the inspiration for the lyrics straight away, and in less than half an hour I had them written and recorded."

‘One You Need’ was then completed with mixing courtesy of Rob Chiarelli. A multiple Grammy Award winner, Chiarelli’s talents have graced tracks from iconic artists including Quincy Jones, Christina Aguilera and Will Smith.

Listen to ‘One You Need’ (feat. Vadi) - BELOW:

The track is released on Point Blank Recordings, a label that provides a global opportunity for students and graduates of Point Blank Music School. Club Mango is one of a growing list of artists who have developed their talents at the school and follows in the footsteps of big names including Felix Jaehn, Aluna George, Patrick Topping and MistaJam.

Club Mango is the brainchild of Daniel Aparicio, who wanted to express a new signature sound that reflected his passion for the Spanish club scene, Latin American pop and Caribbean influences from Jamaica, Saint Lucia and Barbados. He hit upon the idea in a wildly different environment, after leaving a London club after a long night of dancing and tequila shots.

While Club Mango and especially ‘One You Need’ offer pure escapism from our day-to-day stress, the project blends its effervescent groove with lyrics that address the politics of relationships and the hope for a better world

"Reggaeton, R&B, pop, reggae and Afrobeats are sometimes mistakenly just thought of as party music, but it can be so much deeper than that,” he says. “In times like these when people need to free themselves from the worries of the world's problems, this type of music is a spiritual release. Club Mango is the place where for a short time you can be free".

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