TRACK PREMIERE: Brady Grey – Better of Me

TRACK PREMIERE: Brady Grey – Better of Me
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Minneapolis indie-folk singer-songwriter Brady Grey introduces a brand-new song, “Better of Me,” a track from his forthcoming album, Three Crows, slated for release this year.

Recorded and produced by Brady in his basement, Three Crows features Brady Grey (vocals, guitar, bass, synth), Johnny Syn (drums), and Natalie Warren (saxophone).  Brady and Johnny Syn played and toured in the band Step Rockets, sharing the stage with Blondie, Bleachers, Bon Jovi, and Third Eye Blind.

Written while Brady’s wife was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a connective tissue disorder producing chronic pain, Three Crows narrates passage through an arduous emotional realm. Still, the album conveys a tender optimism embracing flashes of beauty, pushing Brady in the direction of acceptance.

Speaking on the album, Grey shares, “It’s told from the perspective of being in a relationship that ends up being more complex than I thought it was going to be. Being a husband, a lover, and sometimes a caregiver, which is just different than what you expected.”

At once darkly poignant and intimate, “Better of Me” expresses his wife’s outlook as she faces the genuine possibility of her condition going on forever. As Brady sings the opening lyrics — “Don’t take this the wrong way / I’m having a hard day” – listeners assume his role, watching his aching vulnerability, unable to help.

Brady explains, “Some of these songs were written at my lowest points. But those lows gave me the appreciation for some of the simplest things.”

As the song culminates, Brady sings, “I don’t wonder where I go, I know,” leaving listeners imagining the unimaginable – a place of profound, incomprehensible heartache. Yet he returns, and the journey goes on, circling back to the beginning.

Rife with driving folk-rock savours, the music for “Better of Me” belies the lyrics’ pathos, offering alluring, gleaming energy, shimmering layers of colour, and passionate vocals.

Listen to ‘Better of Me’ – BELOW:

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