TRACK OF THE DAY: MOLINA – ‘Venus’ – Listen Now

TRACK OF THE DAY: MOLINA - 'Venus' - Listen Now

Copenhagen-based synth-pop artist Rebecca Maria Molina, better known as Molina returns with an enthralling new single “Venus” released through Copenhagen label Tambourhinoceros (Palace Winter, Pardans, The Entrepreneurs). “Venus” follows previous 2018 single releases (“Hey Kids” and “Mike”) which gained radio airplay across Europe while making their way across the global blogosphere – including Clash and London in Stereo, reaching Hype Machine’s popular chart and featured on year-end lists by Indie Shuffle and Highclouds.

The 26-year old producer & musician creates fluid and articulate pop music that isn’t afraid to experiment. On her new single “Venus” a live rhythm section (made up of drums, bass and guitar) merges with Molina’s signature synth-work and layered vocals which are central to her compositions. The production manages to humanise the electronica whilst using the recorded instrumentation in a way that resembles synthetic sounds creating a song that sounds natural and organic.

Check out the video for ‘Venus’ – BELOW:

The dark synth and vocal-based intro sets the tone and builds tension before the slow-paced but powerful beat kicks in. The angelic vocals and glittering synthesizers in the chorus are a choral contrast to the darker and brooding verses as she sings: “Venus is open, She’s yelling out loud She’s not alone, eggs in his crowd A bubble of isolation for two Venus is open, she’s yelling out loud”

The music video came together after Molina stumbled across French visual artist and model Diana Guais’ Instagram profile. Molina was instantly inspired by Guais’ aesthetic use of colours and made contact with her. Soon after Molina visited Guais in her childhood home in Normandy – a big beautiful house in the middle of the woods – where Diana shot the video with help from her friend Marina Jagoda. Guais states: “The video tells a story of love, maternity and paternity on an old TV set which broadcasts spirituals images — a succession of universal memories and symbols. The screen becomes a nostalgic mirror in which we watch our fragmented past.”

Listen to ‘Venus’ on Soundcloud – BELOW:

“Venus” is produced by Molina, mixed by Luke Smith (remixer/producer for Depeche Mode, Foals) and mastered by Caspar Hesselager (Palace Winter).

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