TRACK OF THE DAY: DEERHUNTER – ‘Living My Life’ (video)

TRACK OF THE DAY: DEERHUNTER - 'Living My Life' (video)

The third track to be shared by the DEERHUNTER follows the mutant funk of ‘Snakeskin’ and luminous single ‘Breaker’. As with ‘Breaker’, Deerhunter kingpin Bradford Cox has taken on directorial duties for the video for ‘Living My Life’. Dedicated to Miles Davis, the Atlantan describes it as, “macro meditations on geology and botany to the observations of afternoon light filtered onto the wooden floors.

The idea was to have a formless visual that does not conform to the overwhelming cleverness and narrative ambition of most modern videos. Instead we have a sometimes ridiculous, and sometimes hypnotically beautiful, mess of images and rhythm. The final section of the video, in particular, could be a teenage garage band take on Tarkovsky’s Solaris. Various chemicals and dyes were used to create a liquid fantasia for the song’s transcendent climax.”

Fading Frontier, Deerhunter’s seventh studio album, was written and recorded in the band’s hometown of Atlanta, GA, with production duties shared by the band and Ben H. Allen III, continuing a collaboration that began with 2010’s acclaimed Halcyon Digest. Fading Frontier also features contributions from Broadcast’s James Cargill and Tim Gane from Stereolab.

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