The Dan Gootner Band discuss new single ‘The Fox And The Hound’

Daniel Gootner

Daniel Gootner has always loved music, showcasing that passion in the many projects he’s been a part of over the last twelve years. His latest, indie-pop/rock-sounding and appropriately titled The Dan Gootner Band, with Elie Ganz on vocal duties, has seen him collaborate with a rotating line-up of South Florida and surrounding area musicians.

Different guests play on different songs, allowing each one to highlight the talent of the performers, and the project has to date, created and shared with the world more than a dozen songs over a period of two years, including the new single “The Fox And The Hound.”

“We wanted to write a song that follows the classic format of the story of the unlikely friendship of the fox and the hound,” Dan explains of how and why the track came to be. “It’s about two children who meet when they’re young, and they become friends. They play with one another as children and eventually fall in love. And all this time, their families are fighting this friendship, this love. They’re building fences. Because in this world – this often sad and broken world – love doesn’t always win. We hope one-day fences between different people will no longer be built the way they are now. And love can win.”

He adds: “It’s a troubling fact that this is a broken world we live in, where people judge and dismiss others based on all kinds of meaningless differences. Those people judge – and often learn to hate- without ever actually meeting the folks they’re judging. But children are so pure. They just love. They don’t know hate. It’s their parents who teach them to hate. Because their parents taught them, and their parents learned it from their parents, and so on…

Listen to ‘The Fox And The Hound’ – BELOW:

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