THE ARTHUR BROTHERS unveil video for psych-pop single ‘Watson (Pt.1)’ – Watch Now

THE ARTHUR BROTHERS unveil video for psych-pop single 'Watson (Pt.1)' - Watch Now

The Arthur Brothers have exhibited their glorious psych-pop soundscapes through the release of ambitious single package Watson (Pt.1). As well as the 9 minutes 24-second album track Watson, the band have unveiled a deconstructed, stand-alone single in the form of Watson (Pt.1), a trippy video, as well as remix, Watson (MFP Reconstruction), by MFP’s Kenny C (Felix, The Party Crashers) and composer Neil Kaczor (Nico Muhly, Bishi, The LSO).

Watson (Pt.1) has been paired back, running at just under 3 minutes long and is an ode to the band’s most ambitious and complex musical undertaking on debut album Nine.

The full-length song itself is a mini modern two-part rock-opera about Artificial Intelligence posing questions such as could man-made intelligent machines develop complex emotions and become almost human? If so, what kind of conflict would that cause for both man and machine? The story plays out through the voice of Watson, a vulnerable and confused sentient being unsure of who or what he is and eventually culminates in a menacingly hypnotic riff, thunderous drumbeats and intricate instrumentation combining as the perfect soundtrack for the widescreen, cinematic interplay between Watson, his human creators and a vast array of supporting characters.

Watch the video for ‘Watson (Pt.1)’ – BELOW:

Emerging from the chaos, the final heartbeat leaves the listener with the ambiguity of Watson’s possible mutation into the human form. With echoes of artists such as Queen, Animal Collective and The Flaming Lips, Watson (Pt.1) is the pinnacle of The Arthur Brothers’ creative journey on album Nine: a timeless record brimming with a brooding elegance, sonic majesty and an ethereal magnitude.

The band will also coincide its first NFT drop with the single release. It will consist of 3 tokens representing 3 unique and exclusive audiovisual pieces made in collaboration with the aforementioned Ivan Isakov, whose Generative Art explores physical, biological and agent-based systems. All 3 pieces will be available for auction on the day of release, 27th May (7 PM BST), on Foundation. The band will offset the carbon footprint produced by crypto transactions by contributing towards conservation projects.

Watson (Pt.1) is out now via ClearLight Records/Declared Goods.

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