The 10 Best Arcade Fire Songs (and Why)

The 10 Best Arcade Fire Songs (and Why)

Arcade Fire is one of Canada’s most prominent and influential bands. Since their debut in 2004, they have been a sensational force in Indie Music. They have won multiple awards and were the first Indie band to win a Grammy Award for the year’s best album.

They are often headliners at concerts and festivals. Arcade Fire has also collaborated with some of the biggest names in the industry, including David Bowie. It will be challenging to rank the ten best Arcade Fire songs but here goes: 


Haiti is one of Arcade Fire’s best songs because of what it represents. The band made the song to help rural Haitian families living in poverty.

To this day, one dollar from every ticket sold goes to ‘Partners in Health,’ a charity that helps poor Haitians. There has never been a better reason to see the Arcade Fire band live. You can get tickets to the upcoming musicals online.

We Used To Wait

Arcade Fire has a knack for producing songs with timeless lyrics, and ‘We Used To Wait’ is one of them. The song is on the ‘Suburbs’ album released in 2010.

The song inspires nostalgia about being in the suburbs and what it used to be. One of the best parts about the song is that it is part of an interactive project called The Wilderness Downtown, which you should check out.

My Body Is A Cage

One of the dark but relatable songs typical of Arcade Fire is ‘My Body Is A Cage.’ The song is unforgettable, especially if you listen to it when feeling insecure and low. It features excellent orchestral percussion and harmonies. 

Ready To Start

If you are looking for an energetic Arcade Fire song to hype you up, ‘Ready To Start’ will do just that. It is a physical song with solid drums and continuous blitz that might make you punch the wall. It will excite you and scare you simultaneously, which is a weird but great feeling to have. 

Wake Up

‘Wake Up’ is one of those songs that is authentically Arcade Fire. It was released in 2004 when the band was breaking up but proves its success is due to its persistence. The sense of doom may have inspired the song from their debut album, Funeral, to become such a success. 

Creature Comfort

Creature Comfort is a song in Arcade Fire’s Everything Now album that disrupts the album’s pattern. The piece is not theatrical but a genuine expression of the band’s character. It has great lyrics, simple lyrics, and fantastic stunning chants. 

Neighbourhood #3 (Power Out)

The band wrote the song during a terrible ice storm that turned off most of Canada’s power. The song has an intensity and urgency you will not find in many Arcade Fire songs. The perfect way to describe Power Out is that it is a song made with incredible frustration just waiting to be released, and you can certainly see it when they perform the song live. 


Reflektor is an album title track that features David Bowie and is a classic. It is a seven-minute epic that catapulted the band into superstardom. The song’s theme was technology’s grip on modern life, which remains even more relevant today. 

Neighbourhood #1 (Tunnels)

Neighbourhood #1 is a song that authentically taps into how intimate home life can be and is very relatable. The song tells a great story, albeit heartbreaking. It was most people’s introduction to the band and a worthy one.

Crown Of Love

Crown of Love is a song that exemplifies everything that Arcade Fire does well. It is also one of the most passionate love songs you will ever hear. The song’s instrumentation, in particular, is legendary. 

Arcade Fire is a great band with too many great songs. The ten on the list above barely scratch the surface. However, if you have never listened to Arcade Fire, they should offer a fantastic introduction to the band.

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