Check out this weeks ‘Vinyl Five for Monday 23/03/2015’, The essential vinyl you should own this week, carefully selected by Kenny Murdock from Belfast’s best vinyl record store ‘Sick Records, Belfast‘.

Sick Records Belfast
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Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Freedom Tower: New Wave Dance Party 2015 (Bronzerat)

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Freedom Tower: New Wave Dance Party“Freedom Tower” is a tribute to NYC. Unlike Springsteen’s “The Rising”, written in the comfort of a sprawling mansion in the suburbs, “Freedom Tower” is written in the back of a cab, in Brooklyn at two o’clock in the morning. It celebrates the euphoria of making it through the day, hustling, begging, pimping or whoring, only to realise you have to get up and do it all again tomorrow. While Andrew WK tours the world in limousines, lecturing kids on the “art” of partying, Spencer is playing back-bars under aliases, loading and un-loading his own gear, basically enduring his own struggles to bring “dirty, fucked-up Rock ‘N’ Roll” to the people on the streets. This record sounds like the Blues Explosion. It’s fantastic. Join the struggle.

Kode 9 & The Spaceape – Memories Of The Future (Hyperdub)

 Kode 9 & The Spaceape - Memories Of The Future Re-issued due to the un-timely death of Spaceape (Stephen Gordon) in October,2014, Memories Of The Future is widely regarded as one of the best albums of the Dub-step genre. Blending Kode 9’s background in Jungle, UK Garage and Two-step with Spaceape’s deft poetry, it supplants the listener into a hedonistic culture, driven by infectious, minimal dance-floor beats, juxtaposed with a is hauntingly bleak paranoia, both beautiful and filled with portent. “Nine Samurai” is a particular delight.
Glorious !

Courtney Barnett – Sometimes I Sit And Think, Sometimes I Just Sit (Marathon Artists)

courtney-barnett“Slacker Cool” is the term used to describe the cynical, male-dominated Indie-pop of Pavement or Kurt Vile but Courtney Barnett’s first album proper reclaims a little of the genre for the next wave on Independent female artists. On “Sometimes…” she turns her barbed wit on hopeless relationships, dead-end suburbs and her own fears and insecurities in a trademark drawl that suggests she actually cares little for her own subject matter. The quality of the material suggests otherwise, whether it’s the ragged, blasting “Pedestrian At Best” or the lazy glide of “Depreston”, “Sometimes….” has set the bar high for every other female artist in 2015.

Fabio Frizzi – Zombie Flesh Eaters (Death Waltz)

Fabio Frizzi – Zombie Flesh Eaters The catalogue number (DW001) tells you all you need to know. This was where the Death Waltz label began, where the Zombie horror-movie began and where, in modern popular culture, the horror-soundtrack genre began. This lavish, coloured vinyl, gatefold re-issue returns to the now familiar, original movie artwork to the delight of purists everywhere. The music is mainly minimal synths with a few drum fills, not much to bear repeated plays on it’s own but it’s influence is weighty,…. And you know this sleeve will look fantastic on your wall in one of those twelve-inch picture frames. Go on. You know you want to……..

The Make-Up – Save Yourself (K Records)

The Make-Up – Save Yourself Originally released in 1999, Save Yourself was the record which should have seen Make-Up conquering the world, but, as the title suggests, this was their surrender. You see, Make-Up came to save us. They came to save us from rubbish Indie-pop. They came to save us from the bloated excesses of Rock music. And they came to save us from Dance music mediocrity. They came to deliver us onto the path of righteous, soul-powered, garage-rock, gospel music. Ask anyone who (actually) attended that infamous Menagerie gig in 1999. It’s still the best live gig I’ve ever witnessed. Make-Up were the real deal. The problem was that not enough people listened. And now they’re gone. C’mon Let’s Spawn !


Sick Records Belfast
78 North Street
Belfast, United Kingdom
Tel: 028 9031 9358

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