Seattle Punk Brothers WATCH ROME BURN Bring The Fire With New Album "VOX HERETIC"

Seattle Punk Brothers WATCH ROME BURN Bring The Fire With New Album "VOX HERETIC"

Watch Rome Burn is a two piece ( guitar and drums) Seattle area rock band, comprised of brothers Jestyn (drums) and Drew (guitar/vox) Cummings. With their distinctively raucous and powerful sound, and with no patience for locked gates, they are the fierce voice of an emerging tribe driven by hunger that burns deep in the guts. The band emerged just two years ago, conceived and born under the brooding skies and shadowed hills of the Pacific Northwest.

The music draws influence from the dark and introspective Seattle Grunge scene, and the intensity from early proto-Punk and first-generation LA Punk bands; yet, they stand apart. Their rough, unsentimental music spurns the effete, whimpering death trip of urbanized self-absorption. They light a fire with the dark fuel of addiction, apathy and suicide, watch the flames and survive the darkness; Never mind the heat. A fallen city, filled with rot and decay of indifference is cleansed by it. That is the genesis and the passion of Watch Rome Burn.

The two brothers have been making music together since childhood, Jestyn is a visionary; the living, beating heart of Watch Rome Burn, the guitar is his lyre. If Jestyn is the heart, then Drew is the soul of the band.

Watch Rome Burn embody the 'two-piece revolution' - the stripped-down-but-powerful setup, leaping like living flame out from the funeral pyre of Grunge and Punk to light the way and burn anew. They are set to release their self-produced second album - VOX HERETIC - this September 2018 with a national tour of the US planned for July - August of 2019. The tribes have gathered at the city gates, the flame is lit, the fire has begun.

Watch Rome Burn 'Vox Heretic' - Self Release - September 7th 2018.
Listen to 'Be What You Want' - BELOW:

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