REBEKAH FITCH releases new single ‘Loose Ends’ – Listen Now

REBEKAH FITCH releases new single 'Loose Ends' - Listen Now

New single ‘Loose Ends’ is a voice of reassurance in a turbulent world. It is a symbolic illustration of the confusion our limited perspective brings. It is for anyone whose questions outweigh the answers, for those who feel that things just aren’t fitting together yet.

From our perspective, much of life doesn’t make sense. We often have no idea why things happen, or what direction our life is heading. We can’t always see the bigger picture – so much remains unknown. Using metaphoric imagery that evokes the poetry of Corrie Ten Boom, this song brings a powerful message that there is design amidst the chaos in the tapestry of our lives, intentionality and completeness that will reveal the full picture in time.

Rebekah tells us, “The prophetic power of songwriting never ceases to amaze me. I wrote this song a year and a half ago for myself and a few others who were anxious about the uncertainty of their lives, and now it seems as if it’s a message for the whole world.”

Rebekah has also been continuing to push the boundaries of her visual creations. “For Loose Ends, we wanted to create an alternate world that represents how we dwell in the underside of the tapestry, in the unknown and the chaos. I worked with weaving artist and director, Alice McCabe, and choreographer, Pascal Johnson (Dutch National Ballet) to evoke the creative process and motion of weaving.”

Listen to ‘Loose Ends’ – BELOW:

Rebekah was included in Hot Press and The Thin Air’s 2019 Watch Lists, along with being nominated for Best Emerging Act in the Northern Irish Music Prize.

‘LOOSE ENDS’ is available everywhere from 26 Feb 2021.

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