PREMIERE: London Rapper, YELLA TZAIRI Returns With New ‘Prisoner’ EP

PREMIERE: London Rapper, YELLA TZAIRI Returns With New ‘Prisoner’ EP

London based rapper Yella Tzairi is back with her second EP ‘Prisoner’. The Camden born and raised artist mixes Hip Hop, RnB and Pop to great effect, fusing contemporary rap with melodic hooks to create catchy tunes with depth and commercial appeal. ‘Prisoner’ once again shines a light on Yella as an up and coming artist.

The EP opener and title track bursts into life with a sultry mystery guest vocal immediately pulling you in with an expertly crafted hook before Yella’s trademark rapping rolls into the verse. Rapping about the start of a relationship and her feelings, ‘Prisoner’ is an honest journey through the ups and downs of lust.

Elsewhere across the four tracks, ‘Eh Boy’ brings eastern influences with tribal rhythms and samples of Asian instruments mixed with tasteful dispersed guitar playing while ‘Danei Can I’ brings soulful R&B vibes, with funky bass and guest vocals from fellow Key Changes artist Stickz N15. Closing track ‘Love You’ pulls the EP together with a heartfelt expression of emotion from Yella over shuffling beats and washing synths.

Being the cousin of Fazer from N-Dubz Yella has grown up surrounded by music and has a wealth of influences which have shaped her as an artist. Using the insight gained from her own struggles, Yella uses her music to frame things in more of a positive light aiming to empower others, promote body positivity and help people through difficult times, especially teenagers. This value is highlighted by her previous release ‘Beautiful Life’ which was written with the intention of comforting young people who may be developing mental Illnesses.

Yella speaks openly about her own experience with mental health and credits Key Changes for being the gateway to becoming an artist, which in turn helped her find a purpose in life. The new EP is a testament to the charity’s work and to Yella’s talent.

Listen to Prisoner EP – BELOW:

Yella Tzairi – Prisoner EP  – Released 16th Dec Via Key Changes

Key Changes is a charity and record label aimed at ‘promoting positive mental health through music’. Supporting musicians during their recovery from mental illnesses through music industry mentoring, the charity provides studio time, artist development, industry advice and everything else they need to produce and release a record, including the opportunity to work with some of London’s best producers. The process of creative collaboration develops expression and identity, boosting confidence and wellbeing, and opening pathways to new opportunities.

Whether they are rappers, singers, DJs, producers or songwriters, Key Changes has had a massively positive impact on so many people’s journey towards recovery. Find out more here:

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