PREMIERE: Jake Soffer Introduces ‘The Tree That Remained Standing’

PREMIERE: Jake Soffer Introduces ‘The Tree That Remained Standing’

Portland, Oregon folk guitarist-composer Jake Soffer unveils his brand-new EP, The Tree That Remained Standing. Written in the midst of soul-searching prompted by the end of a relationship and the onset of the pandemic, the title of the EP mirrors the moment Jake saw a single tree flourishing among the charred remains of a devastating forest fire.

Jake says, “The world being put on pause ushered in a lengthy period of self-reflection for me. I experienced the ups and downs of confronting deeply personal changes while living in a society enduring growing pains of its own. I found myself falling in love – over and over again – with the guitar as my instrument and voice, promising I would always use it to express the things I have no words for. I also realized after years of playing in bands that this serene and healing style was the most honest for me.”

Jake’s unique sound derives from his utilization of the tonal range and rhythmic potential of the guitar. Formally trained, Jake developed his talent playing with a number of rock, funk, and jazz bands, such as the jam-band funk-rock outfit Easy There Tiger.

His debut solo single, “Rose Hymn,” was followed by his debut album, Guitar In A Room. The Tree That Remained Standing begins with “Ruby Red Roses,” a creative reinterpretation of “Rose Hymn.”

“Ruby Red Roses” opens on delicious, creamy colours flowing into an Americana-flavored melody, rippling with lingering washes of pastel sonic layers. The lighthearted feel of the song gives listeners a warm glow.

“From Sea To Sky, features Grace Honeywell on violin. The tune bubbles and percolates with shiny colours and a fat, pulsating bassline. Honeywell’s violin cries with happy timbres as Jake’s guitar radiates a chromatic palette.

“Skipping Rocks” rolls out on Jake’s nimble fingerpicking, depicting the delight of skipping rocks across flat water on a summer’s afternoon. Whereas the title track flickers and flutters on undulating burnish colours, drifting and wafting as if conveying the soft beauty of nature.

The range of emotional expression Jake Soffer finds in his guitar is expansive and aurally pleasing. The Tree That Remained Standing is well-worth listening to.

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