ON THE TURNTABLE: Goldie - Timeless

ON THE TURNTABLE: Goldie - Timeless

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Recently reissued 25th Anniversary Edition of the all-time classic Drum & Bass long-player. Although the DnB scene was already in full flow by the time Goldie released his debut back in 1996, he certainly changed the direction in which it was going.

Goldie made the scene more Soulful and considered. It wasn’t just about how mad it could sound (early 90s Jungle and Hardcore was pretty lame for the most part). There was a lot more at work here. ‘Inner City Life’ featuring the late great Diane Charlemagne on vocals has to be one of the best openers to an album ever recorded.

Goldie’s production skills are second to none, and as he proves on slower tracks like ‘State of Mind’ featuring Lorna Harris, everything doesn’t have to be full pelt all the time. The title of this album really couldn’t be any more suited. It is indeed Timeless and a pure work of art—epic in every meaning of the word.

Listen to Goldie - Timeless - BELOW:

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