BOY IN SPACE shares new home made video for ‘Sucker Punch’ - Watch Now!

BOY IN SPACE shares new home made video for ‘Sucker Punch’ - Watch Now!

Boy In Space released his debut EP ‘FRONTYARD’ last month, and it has already exceeded the landmark of 4.7 million streams, with another 900,000 views of its accompanying music videos, over 500,000 of which were for ‘Remember Me’. It’s an exciting addition to a career that has already hit a career total of 170 million streams and shows no sign of slowing down. The Swedish leftfield pop innovator is set to keep fans’ interest at fever pitch, as he today shares the video for the EP’s current single ‘Sucker Punch’.

Boy In Space decided to return to his YouTube roots for the video, which he created himself DIY-style with a minimal budget. The song is a message of admiration for a love interest, and its lyric “Left a note with your brother / He called me a motherfucker” is the starting point for the video’s comedic narrative. Boy In Space just about manages to escape the brother’s wrath on bike, but his muscular new enemy isn’t going to give up so easily. Freshly disguised as the object of the musician’s affection, the tables are turned as Boy In Space instead pursues the brother - a trap that will surely lead to a knock-out blow.

Boy In Space, real name Robin Lundbäck, commented, “Thought I’d make a music video the old school YouTube way. With a shitty camera and stupid ideas!!"

The ‘Sucker Punch’ video parodies the EP’s concept, which is a collection of songs about relatable, everyday stories that Boy In Space is comfortable with sharing with the outside world. While the ‘Sucker Punch’ lyrics are about a near-universal experience, the video’s story is more surreal than you’d expect the reality to be.

Watch the ‘Sucker Punch’ video  - BELOW:

The ‘FRONTYARD’ EP is Boy In Space’s biggest creative statement so far. It finds him looking back to the early-2000s, sidestepping cosy nostalgia and instead forensically exploring his past in an attempt to make sense of his present. It's often heavyweight lyrical themes are given an enticing allure by its sound: pop with a capital P that’s open, inclusive and accessible to all. He created the EP during sessions in New York, Los Angeles and Stockholm with a small, carefully curated group of collaborators such as long-term friend Philip Tillström (aka DREAMDNVR), Freddie Häggstam (Chainsmokers) and Elton Holmsten (aka unheard).

Raised and still based in Alingsås, Sweden, Boy In Space is a singer, songwriter, self-taught producer and multi-instrumentalist. In his young life, he’s already been through so much, from losing friends and the turbulence of his parent's divorce, to trouble at school that was at least partly attributable to an undiagnosed mental health disorder, and the unexpected intensity of international success in his teens as part of the international pop trio JTR.

When the band came to a natural conclusion, Boy In Space delved into dark, introspective lyricism blended with Scandipop style and an experimental edge. One thing, in particular, informed his changing outlook. Dreaming of a move to Hollywood, led him to question his other aspirations. The revelation was both simple and revelatory: the things he wanted in life were satisfying but ordinary. There was no need to cultivate an image aside from who he really was

This new approach yielded ‘FRONTYARD’. Its previous singles, ‘Dance Alone’ and ‘Remember Me’, accelerated his huge and still growing following, reaching 2 million monthly listeners at Spotify. That rise has been magnified by huge interest at tastemakers, earning the 26-year-old widespread critical acclaim along with high profile airplay at Radio 1. The narrative that Boy In Space has created will be extended later this year when he releases a second conceptually related EP.

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