ON THE TURNTABLE: Felix Laband – The Soft White Hand

Felix Laband - The Soft White Hand

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‘The Soft White Hand’ is the fifth album from South African solo artist Felix Laband. If you’ve not yet discovered Felix, then this is a perfect way to do so. His past releases have been great, but this one is particularly chilled.

Felix creates sound collages using real instruments as well as sampling old news footage and electronic beats. His albums are like one long journey rather than songs, and this one is no different. Having said that, ‘We Know Major Tom’s A Junkie’ is definitely a highlight for me, having already played it on my radio show.

It’s perfect for any late-night/early-morning Balearic sessions, and there’s also a remix EP. Both are out now, released through Compost Records.

Listen to Felix Laband – ‘The Soft White Hand’ – BELOW:

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