ON THE TURNTABLE: Arthur Russell – Another Thought

ON THE TURNTABLE: Arthur Russell - Another Thought

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The recent reissue of the enigmatic NYC cellist/composer/singers posthumous collection. Much like most of Arthur Russell’s work, ‘Another Thought’ was released after he, unfortunately, passed away at just 40 years old in 1992. Much like the majority of his fans, I only became aware of him after he died too. It’s sad to think that he was never given the credit he quite clearly deserved whilst he was alive.

Arthur’s work is by no means easy to pigeonhole; it’s Classical, Electro, Disco, Minimalist and Avant-Guard Pop with elements of Folk thrown in for good measure. This particular album (originally released in ’94) consists of hidden gems from the last decade of his life, there are intimate tracks such as ‘A Sudden Chill’, which features just his voice and a cello, or there are much more built-up Electro Pop tracks like ‘My Tiger, My Timing’.

The album also features what is perhaps Arthur’s most famous track, ‘This Is How We Walk On The Moon’ in all its breathtakingly beautiful glory. Apparently, Arthur left hundreds of unheard tapes, so here’s hoping many more will be released over time, it’s just a shame he’s not here to reap the benefits, but his legacy certainly lives on, a true one-off.

Listen to Arthur Russell – Another Thought – BELOW:

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