Olicía announce their debut album ‘Liquid Lines’ will arrive on October 1st

Olicía announce their debut album 'Liquid Lines' will arrive on October 1st

Olicía is the band of two outstanding vocalists and multi-instrumentalists Fama M’Boup and Anna-Lucia Rupp from Berlin, Germany, and Copenhagen, Denmark: two voices, two-loop stations and an array of acoustic and electronic instruments combining traces of Soul, Jazz, Folk, Electronica, and Global Pop into something that is entirely their own. SINGLE:

Their debut album “Liquid Lines” will arrive on October 1st after two Eps in 2018 and 2019 and countless concerts in the last years. It was recorded with Miles Deiaco at Monoton Studio, Berlin, and will be released in the late summer of 2021. Guests on “Liquid Lines” include experimental French harpist Laura Perrudin, Drummer Demian Kappenstein (ÄTNA), and Wencke Wollny (Karl die Große).

“Liquid Lines” is going to take on two different forms. There will be a regular 10-track digital album on streaming services, whereas the physical album is going to be a 20 track/ two disk affair: each Lp or Cd functioning as an entirely different version of the album with regards to lyrics, instrumentation, grooves, collaboration partners, or even language.

It makes for a listening experience that is quite unique: Immersing oneself in the dreamlike variations of these songs as the two women are emphasizing, obscuring or replacing certain elements, oftentimes actually veering off into something completely new and unexpected.

That’s how Fama and Anna-Lucia would like this album to be understood – as a meditation on the liquid lines of demarcation of what constitutes a song. And – in the grander scheme – the infinite possibilities that constitute art and life itself. The “Liquid Lines” of tweaking and amending, bending and adjusting, of thinking, unthinking, and rethinking the same thing.

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