NIC CESTER releases animated video for track 'Psichebello' - Watch Now

NIC CESTER releases animated video for track 'Psichebello' - Watch Now

After selling 6 million records with the resurgent rock ‘n’ rollers Jet, Nic Cester builds towards the 27TH July release of his debut album ‘Sugar Rush by sharing the video for the track ‘Psichebello’.

Swelling with psychedelic undertones and harmonies, ‘Psichebello’ showcases a softer side of the Jet frontman’s distinct vocals. “Like most of the songs on the album I was enjoying flirting with different genres and then spinning them into something else,” explains Cester. “‘Psichebello’is the most psychedelic track on the album and the moment that highlights the abilities of the amazing Italian musicians who I had the pleasure to record with.”

“After listening to the track a bunch of times a really clear image emerged,” the clip’s director Dr D Foothead says. “I saw an environment where ideas live and float about waiting to travel through and manifest in the world. I wanted to try and tell the story of an idea passing through into another reality where it would affect and transform the beings who lived there.”

Nic Cester’s debut album Sugar Rush was produced by Jim Abbess (ArcticMonkeys, Kasabian) and is backed by members of funk-fuelled soundtrack revivalists Calibro 35, who have been famously sampled by Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg (‘One Shot One Kill’) and Jay-Z (‘Picasso Baby’).

Check out the video for ‘Psichebello’ - BELOW:

Spanning psychedelia energy, Latin-tinged rhythms and slow-burning deep cuts, ‘Sugar Rush’ is an album that lives up to Nic’s self-declared mission statement. “The goal was to challenge myself to find a new way to express myself musically,” he adds. “I took myself way out of my comfort zone and took a lot of risks. The end result was well worth the journey. It’s definitely my best work to date.”

After a long hiatus, Jet reformed to play some dates in Australia and New Zealand early last year after being invited to support the legendary Bruce Springsteen. NicCester’s solo career doesn’t mean the end of the band, however. Their ‘Get Re-Born’tour comes to the UK this month, and they’re also set to release a new live album. Jet live dates are below…

The ‘Sugar Rush’ tracklisting is:

1. ‘Sugar Rush’

2. ‘Eyes on the Horizon’

3. ‘Psichebello’

4. ‘Hard Times’

5. ‘Strange Dreams’

6. ‘Who You Think You Are’

7. ‘On Top Of The World’

8. ‘God Knows’

9. ‘Not Fooling Anyone’

10. ‘Little Things’

11. ‘Neon Light’

12. ‘Walk On’

UK dates;

Monday 16th July – 02 Ritz, Manchester (Jet)

Tuesday 17th July – Kentish Town Forum, London (Jet)

Wednesday 25th July - Pretty Green, London (Nic Cester album launch)

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