New EP From SKYLEPHANT out 16th August - Listen to track

New EP From SKYLEPHANT out 16th August - Listen to track

On paper, this shouldn't work. Mark Applin, a Fifty-something geezer from England locks himself away in his small home studio for three and a half years, to pour himself into an album of self-penned songs.

The new EP from Skylephant features 'I Am The Ghost' as the lead track, taken from the critiaclly acclaimed debut album 'Songs For The Fragile Collective'. Have you ever felt like a ghost in your own home? Well, this song tells of just how lonely that can make you feel, as if living in a parallel world.

Also featured is a previously unreleased song called 'Home Alone', which explores the stark possibility of actually being the only life out there and slowly destroying the one place we have to habitat, it's about the contradiction that the human race really is.

Capable of such achievements and such grace, but at the same time, seemingly intent on destroying itself and the planet on which it lives.

Lastly there is a remix of 'She's Alright' (also taken from the debut album). Remixed by long-time friend and collaborator with Mark Applin, Johnny T.

Check out 'I Am The Ghost' - BELOW:

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