Mogwai round off a great year for them with a new e.p. that is a fantastic counterpart to 2014’s excellent Rave Tapes album. Music Industry 3 Fitness Industry 1 features three new tracks and three remixes of Rave Tapes tracks and is available on cd, limited edition 12” and download.

The opening track, Teenage Exorcists, is the outstanding track here and is up there with Mogwai’s best works. As opposed to their usual lengthy tracks, Teenage Exorcists is a three and a half minute burst of post-rock/post-punk energy that is simply brilliant. The band’s infrequent use of lyrics makes any song with lyrics a surprise but when lyrics are combined with what is to all intents and purposes, a pop song, it’s a glorious thing. The other two new tracks are both instrumentals and are classic Mogwai tracks both of which contain echoes of the likes of My Bloody Valentine which is rather nice. History Day is the better of the two, thought HMP Shaun William Ryder wins title of  the year hands down.

On the b-side in old money, are the three remixes. The first of the three Re-Remurdered (Blanck Mass Remix is the pick of the bunch with Blacnk Mass turning one of Rave Tapes’ standout tracks into a supremely moody electro track. I love the fact that they’ve called it Re-Remurdered too, that sort of thing always pleases me. Next up is the Pye Corner Audio Remix of No Medicine For Regret which offers a sort of ambient take on the track albeit, one that is stuffed full of quite terrifying but first class electronic noises. Finally, we have the Nils Frahm Remix of The Lord Is Out Of Control which takes one of Rave Tapes’ more serene moments and gives it a Brian Eno flavour with some Music For Airports like piano. It’s a really cool take on the song.

This is certainly an e.p. you want to get your hands on, especially if, like me, Rave Tapes was one of the musical highlights of your year. Mogwai never disappoint and Music Industry 3 Fitness Industry 1 is yet another highlight from them.


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