Mancunian psychedelic-pop band WHYTE HORSES release their second album 'Empty Words,' in March

Mancunian psychedelic-pop band WHYTE HORSES release their second album 'Empty Words,' in March

Enigmatic Mancunian psychedelic pop group Whyte Horses release their wonderfully eclectic and uplifting 16-track second album ‘Empty Words’ on 9 March via CRC Records.

‘Empty Words’is a seminal collection of stories about love and fear and all that lives between. Told in a timeless fashion, it sounds like everything and nothing you’ve ever heard all at once. A bombastic quasi-Pop opera, the modern-day music aficionado in which Whyte Horses effortlessly pillage traditional songwriting techniques from all around the world and twist them into their own inimitable character. Their use of sophisticated antiquated arrangements juxtaposed with cutting social commentaries are inspired by everything and anything around them, everything is fair game. ‘Empty Words’ features guitar-laden kitchen-sink fantasies of modern-day Cinderellas, crafty fuzzed-out psychedelic rock songs beating down on the zeitgeist and meandering passages that allude to a vague obsession with Twin Peaks - The Return. A record high on originality and wit that could only have been conceived in these bewildering times we live in.

‘Empty Words’follows Whyte Horses’ debut album ‘Pop or Not’ (CRC Records, 2016), an album which resonated with fellow musicians - “A great album” (Noel Gallagher) - and critics alike, with the NME describing the record as “Blissful, dreamy psychedelia that sounds both vintage and innovatively fresh” and Q Magazine saying ‘Pop or Not’ possessed “The kind of raw materials that could induce a third summer of love.” At radio, Lauren Laverne invited Whyte Horses in to record a coveted BBC 6 Music session, whilst the debut’s singles Snowfalls and Promise I Do were added to the station’s A and B playlists respectively - with the former being streamed over 275,000 times on Spotify alone. The year culminated with ‘Pop or Not’ being hailed ‘Album of the Year’ by Manchester’s Piccadilly Records and the album being re-recorded in its entirety at RAK studios, this time with Special Guests St Bartholomew’s School Choir on vocals. The choir performed the following year with Whyte Horses at their debut London show at The Barbican (May 2017), a performance which also included Special Guests La Roux and Badly Drawn Boy (among others).

Now Whyte Horses return with ‘Empty Words’, released on the 9 March via CRC Records, available on CD, Double Vinyl and Digitally. The album was recorded in the main at Mike Burnham’s Love Buzz Studio, London, with the exception of The Best of It which was recorded with Joe Wills in Liverpool, Urchin Studios (London) with additional production from producers Boe Weaver at Humbug Studios (Isle Of Wight). All tracks mixed by Boe Weaver, Isle Of Wight. The album includes guest vocal performances from La Roux and Mélanie Pain (among others).

1. Counting Down The Years *
2. Never Took The Time ***
3. Greatest Love in Town **
4. This Dream *
5. Empty Words **
6. Any Day Now **
7. Prelude
8. Watching TV ***
9. Ecstasy Song **
10. The Best of It ****
11. The Return
12. Fake Protest Song **
13. Dawn Don’t You Cry *
14. Nightmares Aren’t Real *
15. Fear Is Such A… *****
16. Ride Easy *

*Vocals by Audrey Pic
**Vocals by Audrey Pic and Leonore Wheatley
*** Vocals by Mélanie Pain and Leonore Wheatley
****Vocals by La Roux
*****Vocals by La Roux and Audrey Pic

The Whyte Horses Experience has moved their forthcoming performance at Royal Festival Hall, London to 13 September 2018 to suit the availability of certain special guests. The Whyte Horses Experience is the name given to Whyte Horses’ live performance which is multimedia journey through film and music, featuring a mixture of collages that take in avant-garde cinema and childhood nostalgia with faint echoes of The Velvet Underground’s Exploding Plastic Inevitable whilst offering a sly wink to the Tropicalia movement of late 1960s Brazil. Whyte Horses will be performing tracks from their albums ‘Pop or Not’ and ‘Empty Words’ as well as cover versions of obscure world oddities. Special guests include La Roux, members of The Go! Team and Melanie Pain – with more to be announced.

13 September:
Whyte Horses Experience & Special Guests

Royal Festival Hall, Southbank Centre, London

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