Love|Less premiere new single + Announce new EP ‘Act 1: Heaven’

Love|Less premiere new single + Announce new EP 'Act 1: Heaven'

LOVE|LESS is the sound of five unified and hardworking minds coalescing to create energetic and formative modern punk-rock, strewn with the beguiling long since passed sounds of early 00’s MTV alt-rock. Their new EP ‘Act 1: Heaven’ is the result of this London based quintet’s continuous labour and their enduring determination to grow and the result is nothing short of breath-taking.

‘Act 1: Heaven’ sees the band continue to develop on their unique blend of captivating melodies and powerful instrumentation, which earned them plaudits from the likes of Kerrang!, Rock Sound, Scuzz and more on their last release, ‘Hollow Faith’. The new material on ‘Act 1: Heaven’ is more refined and mature than their previous efforts, it is clear that the band have come a long way in just one year.

Dynamic instrumentation and anthemic choruses full of intense and catchy pop-infused vocals, gang shouts and scream-along lyrics take centre stage on the new EP. Whilst the band stay true to their influences of AFI (think ‘Sing The Sorrow’-era), Linkin Park and 30STM, the new material also calls to mind the melodic sounds of latter-day BMTH or at times even the pop inflection of Sleeping With Sirens. Most importantly the EP never feels plagiarised, through years of tireless work, LOVE|LESS have put their own fingerprint on all of these influences.

Talking about their new material frontman Shanksy, says “’Heaven’ speaks of a lack of hope, similarly to our previous release ‘Hollow Faith’, only colder. ‘Act 1’ is the beginning of a trilogy that marks the decent into darkness, where there is no light, and I feel that our fans will be able to relate to that in many ways.”

LOVE|LESS effortlessly combine their punk-rock sensibilities with elements of alt-rock and post-pop influence, which comes together to create an incredibly consummate and sonically mature release. Clocking in at just over 13 minutes, the bands new EP demands multiple replays, and leaves us hoping that ‘Act 1’ signifies that this is just the beginning for Love|Less.

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